The encaustic medium is magical, vibrant and translucent.  My creative muse guides, inspires and feeds my soul through this medium, mixed media and collage.  Blessing me with endless moments of creative joy and harmony...providing those ahhaa moments about life.  Join me on this creative journey, spend some time reading my musings about this life, the blessed other souls that come into contact with mine, however brief or often, that can leave everlasting imprints on our journey....perhaps our lives might share some similarities, bringing us closer and more connected...and less isolated.

"I suppose there is one friend in the life of each of us who seems not a separate person, however dear and beloved, but an expansion, an interpretation, of one's self, the very meaning of one's soul." ~ Edith Wharton

Here's to finding those expansive moments.....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Altered Book Delight

The theme of this current altered book is, "Art, Nature & Soul"...this book is about all that inspires me in the creative process, the aspects of life that feed my creative soul and that help me stay connected to that magical creative place..such as nature, trees, flowers, colour, vibrant and magical colour...the written word, poems, affirmations, quotes etc.

Above is the great book I had found years ago, which gave me inspiration to try my hand at this great art medium..."18 Creative Techniques for Self-Expression - Altered Books Workshop" by Bev Brazelton...a great book if you are an altered book artist yourself or thinking about delving into this medium.

A two page spread in process...

An inserted page above...

A window page looking into the next 'Autumn-Fall' page

What is an altered book anyway?  It is any book, old or new that has been recycled by creative means into a work of art.  They can be rebound, painted, cut, folded, added to, collaged in, gold-leafed, rubber stamped, embossed, drilled, adorned with windows, doors, shadow boxes, pockets, tags...the possibilities are endless and it is magical.

Currently I am teaching a 5 week altered book program and I am absolutely loving the joy it is bringing the others and myself...each person working on their book has a great style, sense of adventure and they are delving into the unknown with wonder and embracing all the possibilities their creations could become.  I hope to share some of their creations with some photos of the class soon.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Harmony and Balance

Today I've been thinking a lot about "Harmony and Balance"...In particular, I find myself with this strong urge to journal about some time ago love memories and life musings.  I found myself listening to Manolo Garcia, a wonderful spanish artist....I discovered Manolo's music when Jeff and I were on our honeymoon in Spain, almost 10 years ago...June 1999.  My lovely cousin, Milu lives in Spain, and since then has had a little bambino herself, and I find listening to these songs has me craving to see her, and meet her little one and her partner, David.  Those days is Spain were full of joy, harmony and fact I remember enjoying vino tinto everyday, basking in the sun, enjoying tapas on the patio, and loving life with my honey....Seeing the beauty all around us and delighting in the new environment, like the many castles in the middle of Spain, the warm and friendly people and of course the lovely Spanish music, like Manolo Garcia's...Particularly lovely is his " Pajaros de barro"-instrumental version.  OOOHH and the smell of those lovely Spanish olive groves was so delightfully intoxicating.

I find music fills my soul and helps me feel joy and here I am basking in Manolo Garcia's lovely music, creating visions in my head, full of colour and remembering glorious love moments with my honey....out of which came lovely little Maya.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Inspired by Joseph Cornell - Check it out!

Recently I met a visitor at the Elora -Fergus Studio Tour that likened my work to Joseph Cornell's...I was very flattered when I explored his work further on his website. .....I am drawn to it for sure and it is very inspiring to know that there are other "collage artists" that weren't necessarily 'painterly' that created for the joy and was loved for it by many.

Friday, October 24, 2008

One Act of Random Kindness

"Express your creativity.  Delight in the mystery of your inner muse." ~ Cheryl Richardson

This morning I woke thinking about how through creativity I discover many things....I find awareness of self, others, the world, and this in turn provides me the expansion of compassion.   This thought lead me to thinking about the saying "One Act of Random Kindness", which I heard once in a movie.... Have you ever witnessed how true this concept is in life?  I have, when I take the time to send out one (or more) acts of random kindness in  my day...For no reason at all....just because....Then I notice how also this one act of random kindness brings on goes around...

It is like, when someone lets you into a lane when you are driving...or pulling out a parking spot into traffic...don't you notice how in turn you feel more generous to do the same for another...Or during one of my artist dates at the Aberfoyle Antique Market, this summer...when I sat for a refreshment break...I noticed a gentleman struggling to get his stroller up the two or three steps...So I got up to assist him with the lift...and when I sat back napkins flew all over the place due to the wind...And another, a different person, bent down to pick them up for me..Then within five minutes..this same person was given a seat at a table they were waiting for...This was a clear indication of EVIDENCE..that one act of random kindness works...

Funny how life works this way..and it is through a day of creativity yesterday, with paper and luminous paint...the delicious encaustic mixed media collage, I was once again reminded of life's little lessons and joys.

So I ask you what are your stories around "one act of kindness" ...or if you want I encourage you to see if you can find evidence of this today and over the course of the week ..and I would love to hear about your stories....

"The small things you do everyday - smiling at a stranger or paying someone a compliment - bring you closer to your spiritual truth, the purity of your soul." ~ Deepak, Chopra, M.D. 

Monday, October 20, 2008

On days like this it is important to keep moving and PESEVERE

Ever had days when you think....OMG maybe all those people that think you are crazy for giving up your full-time job to pursue a creative life might be right????...Just sometimes those messages from the seemingly well intentioned people in the world, individuals that call themselves artists or art lovers...Those who deem themselves as knowing what 'ART is' begin to creep into my head...And today these voices are screaming LOUDLY in my head...And you begin to wonder maybe they are right???  These messages such as.... "Get a REAL job" or "Get with the program", "You are just playing..not working"...this is not "ART"...  Well I suppose I am having one of those days today...

In times like this perhaps the best thing is to keep moving, keep hoping, keep dreaming and believing in yourself even more....Grabbing hold of that sense of knowing that it will happen for you..that it is just a matter of time..that it is ALREADY happening....taking stock of all that is accomplished and filling your sense of self as worthy..knowing that it is all good...There are still many others on the other side of the continuum...who are lovingly, genuinely, authentically loving my work, my process....and then realizing that is is just is always going to be personal, beautiful to some but not all, and that what is most important that I am living my life to its full potential, always growing, always in joy, in love and with the best of intentions, lifting myself up when it is needed and always lifting others...That this is my calling, for myself and others, my work does speak something, joy, love, life ponderings....that is so good....It is all good!

So I say loudly, this is my real job, this is my dream coming true...I am an artist, no matter what anyone else says or deems my work as being....That what is true is in my heart...and I am deeply grateful for this gift and opportunity to grow into this dream....With each day, each moment the journey gets richer, better, fuller....I am JOY and life is JOYOUS....

In the joy I move forward with those that believe in my journey, that love me for my trying and my growing...Most of all we PERSEVERE and KEEP LOVING the PROCESS

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Seeing your Journey Through Colour

As an encaustic mixed media collage artist, the use of deep vibrant colours is the essence of my work and it is my passion.  Colour is how I see and more importantly feel the world around me.  Colour helps me feel more deeply, understand ideas, emotions and helps me create a story in my artwork.  I absolutely LOVE colour.  Therefore, when I first met Orsi Baird, a registered teacher and practitioner of the Aura-Soma International Academy of Colour Technologies, I felt enveloped with joy, all the magical coloured bottles were inviting and very tantalizing of all my felt like my senses were on fire.  

Generously, Orsi invited me over for a complimentary colour consultation and I have to say what a treat, joy and gift this was....I got to pick four bottles, intuitively and without overthinking out of the 107 bottles and Orsi then provided me with a consultation reading from the bottles I chose.  It was so enlightening and affirming at the same time.  Orsi, provided her thoughts and assessment in a loving and compassionate manner, with much grace, poise and ego involved at all.  This is a woman who is integrating the wisdom of the self, with the knowledge of the ego and the compassion of the heart and spirit.  I thoroughly loved this process...and it really is an awesome way to hear what your inner being is saying through the colours you choose in life.

Aura-Soma is an innovative approach to soul therapy that relies on the selection of four dual coloured equilibrium bottles by you.  These bottles incorporate plant extracts, essential oils, and the energies and extracts of precious and semiprecious stones.  The energetic properties found in the liquids interact with the individual's aura to help support equilibrium in the body, mind and spirit.  The bottles also act as mirrors when we choose them.  They can show
 us "where we come from", what were our challenges in the past, and of course, what are the qualities we can use as tools to achieve the goals of our soul.

"Aura-Soma is  a tool relevant to our time, brought into our being through a remarkable blind woman, Vicky Wall, who had clairvoyance from birth and who could see the energy of animate and inanimate things more clearly than most of us can see what is directly in front of us." 

Orsi, also provides introductory workshops on the universal language of colour.  The more you understand about colour the more you can understand about yourself.  You will not only see beauty in the world, but you might understand others too.  I look forward to taking one of her introductory colour workshops.  Thank you Orsi, for your gift and practicing your passion.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thanksgiving...Gratitude all around

Gratitude is the most transformative force in the here are some of the things I find myself being grateful for .... 

- Jeff and Maya, their love and companionship, their unconditional acceptance and constantly challenging me to grow...
- Our home, the 8 + years of labour and love; the loving memories growing within our home as we renovate when the time and resources are available....our house becoming a soulful home...
-My parents, their love, their warmth, acceptance and their courage to take on a whole new life away from their birthplace
- My passion for art and the blessings of my creative time in the studio, 12 months now...of working and building my dream turning it into a reality
-My family members, their love and acceptance, consideration and thoughtfulness
- The ability to make bills
-Our health and joyous living
-The delicious food that nourishes our bodies and souls each day
- My blessed friends
-The new virtual friends and connections I have made - the art loving community and other like minded souls seeking the creative life
-My spiritual guide, the powerful source within
-The use of all my five senses
-The green earth, the trees, the birds, the animals, the music, the art, a good story, a great show.....all of which makes our lives rich and full
Thank you for all of these blessings and more.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Heart Answers with Direct Proof....

Lately I have been reflecting a lot on listening to my heart's calling, and the answers that come directly from my heart vs. my head.  The whole practice of asking for what you want, practicing and living life as if you have it already and allowing it to be there...To receive.  It is true, the first two are easier to implement for me anyway, however, the last one has always been a challenge for me...but tonight I have direct proof that it does happen.  I have been receiving blessings each day, for a long time, of things I desire, want, or need for success, happiness, joy and living a full creative life...from simple things as a parking spot in the right place, to meeting lovely like minded positive, loving, uplifting people in my life.

Tonight I went to a Guelph Wellington Women in Networking (GWWIN) meeting where we played this inspiring, creative and rewarding game, called the Beehivegame....they have an online Beehivegame to check out too....VERY COOL, VERY EXCITING...

Here at this GWWIN meeting of 30 women, we got a chance to meet each other and also their 200 other potential contacts and leads for any question our heart desired to be asked.....Leads that lead to other leads, other connections and the possibilities are endless...It was truly buzzing in the room, full of excitement and womyn practicing giving fully of themselves and being open to receiving what they were asking for.  I am grateful for the connections that led me to arriving at this meeting, Anne Harauz, of Spirit Filled Healing and Lisa Ivaldi of Forestview Business Services, who had encouraged me to join and attend many times in the past.   Clearly, I was meant to be at this meeting, I won three separate fantastic gifts.  This for me was evidence, direct proof that asking for what you need or want, will result in the receiving of is just a matter of allowing the doors to open and watching them open and then taking that great big leap of faith to jump through....I am gratefully learning to receive.  Thank you!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

And the Draw Prize Winners are......

Oct 5th is the draw date and here are the winners....I decided as it was an extra long timeframe for the draw prize, I wanted to honour two winners...they are Heather and Holly.....Please contact me and I will be happy to get your winning gifts to you.

Thanks to everyone for their time in reading my musings and comments on my work and life journey.  Kelcey as you commented the most times, I would also like to send you a little something in the mail, if you would be able to email me too with some contact info. that would be great.

Lots of joy this coming week and we will soon have Thanksgiving to celebrate here in Canada.
Also check out my etsy shop for some new work this week.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Elora Fergus Studio Tour Ends Tomorrow and Draw Closes Too

Tomorrow is the last day of the 22nd Annual Elora-Fergus Studio Tour.  I have met some lovely wonderful new people, it has been a busy two weekends.  I am also grateful for the unconditional love and support from my dear friends and family members who take the time to visit me on these weekend shows.  

I look forward to the possibilities of enjoying some creative playshops with these lovely new visitors and creative souls.  The free draw prize for a piece of my work also closes tomorrow, so stay tuned to see who is the winner...Any last comments made will be entered into the draw for tomorrow, deadline is noon tomorrow.

Thanks for all your lovely virtual connections and readership.   I enjoy the comments and response to my musings and creations.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welllington Holistic Network, Inner Diva Playshop

Recently I had the pleasure and honour of facilitating a fun Inner Diva Playshop with the Wellington Holistic Network Members...this was a lovely session to facilitate.  This network is a great group of womyn healers; whom I am so looking forward to getting to know better.  Thanks for the invitation to facilitate this playshop with you.