The encaustic medium is magical, vibrant and translucent.  My creative muse guides, inspires and feeds my soul through this medium, mixed media and collage.  Blessing me with endless moments of creative joy and harmony...providing those ahhaa moments about life.  Join me on this creative journey, spend some time reading my musings about this life, the blessed other souls that come into contact with mine, however brief or often, that can leave everlasting imprints on our journey....perhaps our lives might share some similarities, bringing us closer and more connected...and less isolated.

"I suppose there is one friend in the life of each of us who seems not a separate person, however dear and beloved, but an expansion, an interpretation, of one's self, the very meaning of one's soul." ~ Edith Wharton

Here's to finding those expansive moments.....

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Distressed Elements" - Seth Apter's Book from the Inner Works Collaborative Altered book project

Round three of are some images of Seth Apter's book, that I completed...Seth's book theme is "Distressed Elements", check out his work on his own book.  I have to say I really enjoyed working on this book and thinking about the concept of 'distressed' and 'element'...What makes an element distressed?  Is it time, passing through generations, the natural elements of air, water, fire/heat/sun,  and the earth's natural artistic brush strokes...the beauty of those distressed elements tell a story all by themselves...the energies of past lives that may have picked up those pieces feed the work inevitably in my mind...I received Seth's lovely book from Veronica awhile back, and have since then,  been living with her lovely pages as well as, Seth's,  trying to decide what I might do to add to the book... Here is the outcome..I now send off the book to lovely Roxanne, to work her magic.  This Inner Works Collaborative has been a great project thus far...hope you are enjoy the journey through the blogs too.

Also a special and big thank you to Seth Apter, for the extra vote of confidence in my growth as an artist, he has posted a link on his blog site, The Altered Page, on his sidebar panel, in the inspiration section to my work on the "Wax Libris" post, which is an exhibit happening in June at the Third Annual Encaustic Conference in Beverly, Mass. at the Montserrat College of Art. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Check this out - I love her work!

Anne Le Toux,  lives in France and is a mixed media artist...Her work is lovely, check it out...she is doing a great give away right now too...

Monday, April 27, 2009

"Wax Libris" Exhibit - June 5-7, 2009

"Guest House - Rumi Inspired",  Altered Encaustic Mixed Media Book, 2009 6 1/4 x 9 x  1  1/2 

"Ah, What Then?" Altered Encaustic Mixed Media Book, 2009, 5  1/4  x  7  1/2  x  1  1/4 

I was so delighted to receive the confirmation that my art submissions for the "Wax Libris" exhibit at the Montserrat College of Art, in Beverly, Mass. was accepted.   "Wax Libris" is a small but tantalizing show curated by Joanne Mattera, also the conference director for the Third Annual Encaustic Conference in June at the college. 

The premise of this show, exhibiting at the Paul Scott Library on the first floor of Hardie, is to celebrate "the tangibility and materiality of books" which remains a deeply satisfying and integral medium within the electronic information age we are living in...This exhibit will feature handmade books, altered books, book object and two-dimensional works visual or textual narrative.  

Participating artists include:  Jeanne Borofsky, Cari Hernandez, Supria Karmakar, Julie Shaw Lutts, Cherie Mittenthal, Catherine Nash and Daniella Woolf.  This exhibit will run for the duration of the three-day conference, June 5 - 7, 2009.  I feel honoured that my work has been included in this wonderful concept for a show.  It is a fantastic way to bring the love of books and art together so beautifully and in celebration of the tangible text, there is nothing like finding a great book and falling deeply in love with the words, the message, the story...essentially it's magic.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Celebrate Earth Day Everyday

"Today I Fly", Encaustic Mixed Media Collage, 2009 - 7 x 7 

In Tune with Mother Nature

If you listen for the songbirds
As they greet the summer sun,
And love the way the wind can make
The trees sing just for fun;

If you like to hear the ocean
As it drums upon the shore,
And imagine all the whales out there,
And hope they'll sing some more;

If you think of all the animals
As players in a band,
Each with a lovely tune to play,
All needed on the land;

And know that as a boy or girl
A woman or a man
You have a vital role to play
In Mother Nature's plan;

If you honor every living thing
As a part of nature's treasure
You're in tune with Mother Nature
So let's all sing her song together.


Friday, April 17, 2009

I will clothe you with feathers - three xxx's (kisses) to share

" Three Kisses xxx's", 8 x 16 x 1 3/4, Encaustic Mixed Media Collage, 2009

Another great reminder from Rumi - 

There is a channel between voice and presence, 
A way where information flows.
In disciplined silence the channel opens.
With wandering talk, it closes.

Time to be still, listen and feel deeply in the stillness.  This takes constant commitment and practice.  I am still growing in this practice. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Hope is a Birdsong" 4 x 6 x 2, Encaustic Mixed Media Collage, 2009

"Sing to Me", 4 x 6 x 2 Encaustic Mixed Media Collage, 2009

Birdsong brings relief to my longing.
I am just as ecstatic as they are, 
but with nothing to say!
Please, universal soul, practice some song,
or something, through me!

These are a couple of new works amongst more that will be shown and sold at the Globe Studios Art Show and Sale on May 1, 2, 3rd.   Enjoy the birdsongs today as I am.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thou Seemst a Little Deity - Ode to the Queen Bee, New Work

"Thou Seemst a Little Deity" 30 x 24 Encaustic Mixed Media Collage, 2009

I have been enjoying working with the iron lately...  Years ago I found a gem of a find, a travelling iron, the kind without the steam holes, at a thrift store...but didn't use it much really...However, recently I attended a mini workshop that Andrea Bird taught on using the iron, in her preparation for doing a demo at the Third Annual Encaustic Conference in June.  Andrea is a fabulous encaustic artist, check out her website here.    A group of us are heading down to the conference and are very excited about was fabulous last head was on fire after the intensity of 200 + encaustic wax heads coming together in glee and delight...

I used the iron quite a bit in this piece to get the crisp flat drips and drops...This piece is inspired to honour the  "queen bee", who provides us with great fruits of her labour and the honeybee's labour of love, liquid gold, delicious and precious.... There is a Canadian Show in London coming up called "Beecause" which is being held to celebrate Honey Design's 20th Anniversary, London and Canadian Artists are invited to enter a juried exhibition and auction celebrating the theme of honey.   I am thinking of entering this one, if I still have it by June end, their deadline for entry.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Be U - Glorious and True

Today I have been playing in the studio all morning..I arose with the birds singing, the air was crisp and fresh..and the world was quiet as in the wee hours of the morning, sleeping souls still rest from the nite before....I stir in my studio, heat up my griddle, play some soulful tunes..pick an affirmation or two for the day...and begin the magic of storytelling as my creative muse would like it told...

I am working on a piece called "Promise, the measure of..." is about the promise of our little daughters and sons, nieces and nephews, they each remind us, when they come into the world...of promise, hope and eternal particular I was thinking of Maya and my new niece Esme, when I was creating this piece....I will post a photo later of the work.....

The beautiful little souls of our children, nieces and nephews, remind us that there is hope in the world for a brighter day..for taking stock of today and delving into the blessings of this moment as they only know this moment, this day.....
Their lives bring so much joy, possibilities of such greatness, and promise.
I am grateful for my little Maya, for Esme, Noah, Ella and Kai..The little souls of my world..some of whom, I see more than others..but they are all equally precious...they are divine and love.  They teach me each day to be I do have a lot to give, as each of you do too, to this world in this moment and always....So follow your heart's calling and true have so much to give.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Show - Just in Time for Mother's Day at the Globe Studios

I am excited to be part of this great group art centre, Globe Studios in Kitchener as a guest artist for the second time...This is a great space, with great art work and craft, fine jewelry and more, to be inspired by and to find a treasure or two for those special people in your life or for yourself......come visit me....I would love to see you there...I will have new work to share.