The encaustic medium is magical, vibrant and translucent.  My creative muse guides, inspires and feeds my soul through this medium, mixed media and collage.  Blessing me with endless moments of creative joy and harmony...providing those ahhaa moments about life.  Join me on this creative journey, spend some time reading my musings about this life, the blessed other souls that come into contact with mine, however brief or often, that can leave everlasting imprints on our journey....perhaps our lives might share some similarities, bringing us closer and more connected...and less isolated.

"I suppose there is one friend in the life of each of us who seems not a separate person, however dear and beloved, but an expansion, an interpretation, of one's self, the very meaning of one's soul." ~ Edith Wharton

Here's to finding those expansive moments.....

Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Showers Brings May Flowers - New Newsletter, Setting Goals…..

Above:  Minutia, Encaustic Mixed Media, 30 x 24, 2014


Going with the FLOW is a great way to live for sure…it helps with having an easier life.  However, there is still great benefit to setting goals for oneself, your business, and/or for your life.  I have been realizing that clarity is essential to self growth, to our businesses and to our lives in general.  When I wake up with purpose and know what is on the agenda for the day, there seems to be a flow and then productivity ensues….However, when I flounder, it is either because I am unfocused, going in a 100 directions at one time, and/or uncertain in the heart about what feels right.  More than likely, it means I am not paying attention to those feelings.  I have found that when my heart is clearly speaking, I do not go wrong to listen to it and follow. Good things have come from listening to my heart.  My mind on the other hand can be the trickster.  The mind seems to send me on a wild goose chase.  So this reminds me that getting clear on my goals is essential, this leads to productivity, which leads to feeling great and ultimately brings success.  So even though it might seem like taking the time to set goals is a waste of time and energy, it actually saves time and gives energy to your journey.  

Sometimes fear is also the thing that gets in our way of setting clear goals.  Feeling like we are committing to something that might not work, fail, or not be the right direction is the trickster mind talking.  My mind tricks me, telling me, "Well how do you know this is the right decision?" "There are so many options and choices…why is this the one ?"  Making an intentional decision to commit to yourself and your goals is never a bad choice.  There are no bad choices.  They are just that, choices.   If you discover your goals need to be reformulated and changed a bit, that works, it is all a journey and a process…it is still not a waste of time.   

Without setting a goal, we can find ourselves drifting around aimlessly and in fact we might end up coming back to the same place years later.   So setting goals is better than not at all.  Most of all setting goals that come from your heart space is the most powerful…..Listening carefully to those heart whispers, those twinges that tell you something needs your attention is the best.  

Goals though aren't necessarily airy fairy types of things…. They are specific, clearly defined, measurable and time lined. This is why visioning is important and then turning your vision to clear goals that are specific, time lined and measurable is a key next step.  So hear is to YOU, and your HAPPY GOAL SETTING.  I say dream big and grow into it…Enjoy the process, trust in yourself, your heart and take the leap of faith.  Tweak it as you go along…nothing is a waste, changes are bound to happen but with a clear goal you are moving forward with purpose and this brings joy and success. 

Next newsletter, I will explore thoughts about 'taking action' on these goals we have set….until then, happy spring days ahead to you.

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